About Us

The Centre for Innovation and Development operates under the auspices of the Regional Development Agency Green Karst, Ltd. Following its vision, the Centre encourages and develops the culture of innovation and the development mindset into the public and private as well as the non-profit and profit sectors.

By implementing different activities, it encourages development-oriented individuals, entrepreneurs, decision makers and policymakers, research and education organisations, and non-governmental organisations, to raise awareness of their own and wider social development with the emphasis on understanding the innovations and the innovation ecosystem.

Boštjan Požar

Boštjan Požar, M. Sc.

Was active in different fields during his school years. After gaining knowledge and experience in engineering and wood industry, he focused on regional development, which he predominantly dealt with in the course of his postgraduate studies. His career began in a family company and, in 1998, he started working at the Development Fund of the Municipality of Pivka. In 2000, he assumed the role of Acting Director of the RDA Green Karst and, between 2001 and 2008, he worked as a consultant for that same company. In 2008, he took over the reins of the company again and he still manages it nowadays. In 2011, he also took over the management of the Postojna Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia. He participated in the formation, preparation and implementation of various development projects, such as SLO-HR-RA, Slohra Zonet, the Regional Scholarship Scheme (RSS), Medossic, Wasman, SMART INNO, KOCOR, PVSP, etc. As the manager of two regional support institutions, he is very active in encouraging development in all areas of social activity, both on the strategic and operational level, trying to create a cooperative climate between relevant regional stakeholders to the fullest possible extent.

+386 5 721 22 41

Jana Nadoh Bergoč

Jana Nadoh Bergoč

Majored in communication science and sociology, started her career as a teaching assistant and researcher at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Ljubljana. Since 2009, she has worked as a consultant at the Regional Development Agency Green Karst, Ltd., especially in the area of human resources and entrepreneurship. She has 15 years of experience in conducting European and regional projects – as a successful project manager, she participated in the MEDOSSIC, SMART INNO, POWER2INNO and RSS projects and, as a mentor and provider of individual training, she also participated in the KOCOR and PVSP projects. As part of the Centre for Innovation and Development, she strives to encourage the development mindset to a broader extent, both at the systemic level and the level of individuals and individual companies. Apart from organising activities and events and communicating with the public, she also conducts training, research and analysis for individual stakeholders (e.g. training and research in the area of organisational culture and climate, job satisfaction, work efficiency, motivation of employees, etc.).

+386 5 721 22 48

Marinka Petrc

Marinka Petrc

B. Sc. in Economy, joined the RDA Green Karst Ltd. team at the beginning of 2014 as an independent accountant and financier and a financial project leader. Prior to that, she worked in accountancy for eight years, and four years in banking as a senior bank officer for one of the commercial banks. Given her multiple years of experience in the financial area, she took over the formulation of the Guarantee Scheme in the Primorsko-notranjska region. She also actively participates in European and regional projects; as a financial manager she participates in the SMART INNO project and in the PVSP project, where she also conducts individual training. Within the framework of the Centre, her task comprises raising awareness of the increasing importance of innovation for the success and competitiveness of companies in the region and she is also specializing in the field of investment in regional innovations.

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